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REFLECTOR: Re: Reflector: Visqueen rolls.

From:           	"Kerry & Evelyn Woods" <kewoods@ellsworth.net>

> I just started with the reflector so I don't know where you need the 
>thin visqueen.  But when I was putting in my gear bulkheads I 
>used saran wrap because it was thin and laid out nice to work
> out the extra epoxy.

I've had problems with real Saranwrap sticking to the cured epoxy. 
Go to the hardware store and look for 0.5 to 2 mil thick 
polyethylene film that's used as drop clothes, mulch, etc. And get 
some 3 to 5 mil while you're at it. Great covering for work surfaces, 
since even cured epoxy splatters can be easily removed so you 
have a nice flat surface again.

David Parrish