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REFLECTOR: Another bounce:

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> From: R. Wayne Owens <wamowens@bellsouth.net>
> To: reflector@awpi.com <reflector@awpi.com>; David Doshay
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> Date: Friday, January 08, 1999 2:16 AM
> Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: duct installation
> >David,
> >I have my Subaru SVX engine mounted and had some interesting experiences
> Wayne,
>   Lino here in Albq. still working on my Velocity 173 RG Elite with the SVX
> engine. I just finished the fuel system in mine.  I was wondering how you
> were going to plumb yours?  Boy! that eating thing really slows down work on
> the plane doesn't it, working to buy food pay bills and all those other
> annoying little details!  Anyway as you can tell I'm charging along like a
> herd of turtles on mine.
> What I've done on my fuel system is to go directly from the main tanks with
> both the 1/4" & 3/8" fuel lines to the sump tank as per the manual.  From
> there a 3/8" line goes to a small aluminum "Y" manifold made by Mallory
> which I found at the local speed shop.  Then I take two 3/8" lines to two
> high pressure fuel pumps, to this point everything is low pressure racing
> grade fuel line slip on fittings and hose clamps.  After the fuel pumps
> everything is high pressure flared fittings and steel fuel lines.
> Next in line after the pumps are one way check valves.  The purpose of the
> check valves is to insure that if one pump fails fuel still gets delivered
> to the engine by the other pump instead of just pumping it in a circle.
> >From the check valves I go back to another "Y" manifold and to a single 3/8"
> steel line to my fuel filter before it goes to the engine.  I go thru the
> firewall with an AN flared fitting.  On the engine side of the firewall I
> had the hose shop make me up some high pressure braided stainless steel fuel
> line to connect the fuel rails to the rest of the system.
> I didn't think this was the place to pinch pennies, especially this side of
> the firewall.  After the pressure regulator I take the return fuel line back
> thru the firewall with another AN flared fitting, make a 90 degree to a
> barbed slip fitting, back to flexible rubber racing fuel line.  In the
> bottom of the sump tank the manual says to tap a hole to plumb a Curtis
> valve to act as your drain valve.  Instead I put a "T" here, the return fuel
> line connected to one side and the Curtis valve connected to the other side.
> The venting I did as per the manual with the exception of not creating a
> NACA scoop which I thought was a bad idea.  I terminated my vent line into
> my "Mustang scoop" with the line coming in at a 45 degree angle and the end
> cut off plumb.  The whole system seems to work well with both pumps running
> or with one or the other pump turned off.  If you see any problems or
> potential problems with my system please let me know.
> Thanks
> Lino
> I hope the building of your plane is going well and when do you think you'll
> be done?

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
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