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REFLECTOR: Bearing fits and sequence valve location

Title: Bearing fits and sequence valve location

        When I implemented Dave Black's excellent idea for ball bearing support inboard on the offset elevator torque tube, I noticed some play between the bearing OD and the tube ID.   Research led me to Chicago Rawhide Speedi-sleeve part # 99087 ( see your local bearing distributor ) to fill the gap.   They are a light press fit on the bearing OD and the tubes slip snuggly onto them.

        For yet another sequence valve location, I replaced the aluminum, slotted angles guiding the rod end of the nose gear door hydraulic cylinder with equivalent fiberglass angles with extra stock forward to straddle mount the valve on it's flat faces.   It is through bolted tipped forward to match the angle of the retracted nose gear strut.                

        Parker makes a small 1/8" NPT flow control valve ( F200B-11MK ) that mounts directly into the cylinder's rod end port pointing forward using an AN nipple and makes for short sensuous tubing that is easy to service.   Operation has not been tested.