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Re: [Fwd: REFLECTOR: Here is your chance]

> Yes NASA's AGATE needs our help and this questionnaire which I just
> took proves it.   Don't get me wrong I know their intentions are good but I've been
> trying to help Bruce Holmes focus on the real problem for several years now.  That
> is that what we need are affordable modern airframes.
> AGATE has no solicitations for anything in this direction and from the questions
> they are asking...they won't anytime soon.


I thought it was just me. 

I took the AGATE survey and it left me wondering where the heck they're
heading. All directions, I guess. On one hand, the survey seemed targeted at
introducing non-fliers to General Aviation. On the other hand, they're touting
new (unproven) gizmos as the solution to all problems, real or imagined. 

Personally, I agree with you. What GA needs is a better airframe, and a better
engine to put on it. DataLink is a nice concept, but I'm absolutely certain it
will be so screwed up as to be useless by the time it comes to market. As far
as a Glass Cockpit is concerned, for the foreseeable future I'm not motivated
to put all my eggs in one basket, even if it does look "cool." 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor