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Re: [Fwd: REFLECTOR: Here is your chance]

Alan, I agree with you and there is a feedback area where I pointed out that what they
were proposing was just a rehash of current technology, vastly overpriced  price and did
not show any real technical innovation e.g., a voice command switch on the stick where
the pilot could command gear down, flaps 10, etc.  Send them a note.


Alan Shaw wrote:

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> Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Here is your chance
> Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:04:31 -0500
> From: Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net>
> To: reflector@awpi.co
> References: <36A3B10A.3CA43D@IBM.NET>
> James F. Agnew wrote:
> > FYI -
> >
> > AGATE NEEDS YOUR HELP: Here's a chance for pilots to have some input
> > into what the future of general aviation may look like.  The Advanced
> > General Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) program is urging pilots
> > to participate in a 10-minute survey at their Web site.
> Thanks Jim.  Yes NASA's AGATE needs our help and this questionnaire which I just
> took proves it.   Don't get me wrong I know their intentions are good but I've been
> trying to help Bruce Holmes focus on the real problem for several years now.  That
> is that what we need are affordable modern airframes.
> The engine research is great but did Continental and William's deserve the lions
> share.  Small companies like Delta Hawk can do more with less but have the hardest
> time getting funds from AGATE.
> This survey is typical.  It focuses on gismos which is all in good but many
> independent companies have been pouring millions into electronics etc.  The tax
> payer doesn't need to help provide the the hundreds of millions that AGATE is
> putting into these areas.  There were no questions related to our biggest need of
> future aircraft.
> We need manufacturing PROCESSING that makes strong and inexpensive airframes.  We
> need NEW CONFIGURATIONS that are more efficient and safe.  We need SIMPLE airplanes
> with a low parts count.
> Sure I'm prejudice because this is the direction that my life's work is gelling.
> Why can't our "leaders" see we need to stamp airplanes out like cookies if we are
> going to have a "system" that can actually put a dent in the growing transportation
> gridlock.
> I can build a complete six place airframe in one mold, in one day, in one piece.
> The configuration maximizes lift and minimizes drag to the ideal.  It has a mush
> stall with flaps, none with out and is ideal from a crash worthy stand point.  Based
> on the initial and operating cost, the cost per seat mile would be less than half of
> the most efficient airplane today...the 747.
> AGATE has no solicitations for anything in this direction and from the questions
> they are asking...they won't anytime soon.
> Alan Shaw

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