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James F. Agnew wrote:

> FYI -
> AGATE NEEDS YOUR HELP: Here's a chance for pilots to have some input
> into what the future of general aviation may look like.  The Advanced
> General Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) program is urging pilots
> to participate in a 10-minute survey at their Web site.

Thanks Jim.  Yes NASA's AGATE needs our help and this questionnaire which I just
took proves it.   Don't get me wrong I know their intentions are good but I've been
trying to help Bruce Holmes focus on the real problem for several years now.  That
is that what we need are affordable modern airframes.

The engine research is great but did Continental and William's deserve the lions
share.  Small companies like Delta Hawk can do more with less but have the hardest
time getting funds from AGATE.

This survey is typical.  It focuses on gismos which is all in good but many
independent companies have been pouring millions into electronics etc.  The tax
payer doesn't need to help provide the the hundreds of millions that AGATE is
putting into these areas.  There were no questions related to our biggest need of
future aircraft.

We need manufacturing PROCESSING that makes strong and inexpensive airframes.  We
need NEW CONFIGURATIONS that are more efficient and safe.  We need SIMPLE airplanes
with a low parts count.

Sure I'm prejudice because this is the direction that my life's work is gelling.
Why can't our "leaders" see we need to stamp airplanes out like cookies if we are
going to have a "system" that can actually put a dent in the growing transportation

I can build a complete six place airframe in one mold, in one day, in one piece.
The configuration maximizes lift and minimizes drag to the ideal.  It has a mush
stall with flaps, none with out and is ideal from a crash worthy stand point.  Based
on the initial and operating cost, the cost per seat mile would be less than half of
the most efficient airplane today...the 747.

AGATE has no solicitations for anything in this direction and from the questions
they are asking...they won't anytime soon.

Alan Shaw

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