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Re: REFLECTOR: Bulkhead Installation

From:           	David Doshay <ddoshay@cisco.com>

> habit of using the plastic to really trowel the epoxy out, then the
> thin stuff tears too easily. If I expect to trowel the layup with
> the plastic in place I use 3 or 4 mil.

I try to get as much epoxy out as possible while the layup and 
plastic is still on the work table. But once the layup is in place, the 
set of rollers I bought from Alexander work quite well at removing 
the last air bubbles between the layup and surface and even at 
removing more epoxy.

Though it isn't as neat, you could also use a little epoxy as a 
lubricant between the plastic film and the squeegee.

David Parrish