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Re: REFLECTOR: NTSB - Marlin Howe

In a message dated 1/18/99 12:09:28 AM Pacific Standard Time,
aegerter@dataway.ch writes:

> All this sounds bad but I read the report as a warning to use mogas in a
>  Franklin - even if derated. Unless something was basically wrong with the
>  fuel feed system that we don't know about (like stuck feedback solenoid) it
>  sounds like the mogas slowly destroyed the engine. What do y'all think?

Well, from the description of the valve damage, one could make a case for
death by heat. But the report paints a pretty good picture of an ongoing fuel
supply problem and that will lead to a leaning condition that will also build
heat up pretty fast.

I think that if any other Franklin owners go the derated route, I would make a
QUALITY bore scope my best friend for a long time, and use my new friend very
frequently until I was satisfied that the valves weren't dying.

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing