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Re: REFLECTOR: NTSB - Marlin Howe

>Anyone else had fuel pump problems with the Franklin engine?


I'm one of the "other builders" mentionned in the report and two of the
three pumps that the IIC has looked at are mine. The first came from Atlas
and never worked right. Turned out that Goodman had forgotten to put the
spacer back on top of the spring. (You have to KNOW that there needs to be
a spacer!) The second one blew a valve in flight. Engine ran on gravity
feed! The third has now run for 60+ hrs. I have the two pumps in parallel.
Brian is working on a real solution to the fuel pump problem.

There has been another failure (I think Jay Yu's) and another (not sure
who's) worked its way out of the drive pad.

All this sounds bad but I read the report as a warning to use mogas in a
Franklin - even if derated. Unless something was basically wrong with the
fuel feed system that we don't know about (like stuck feedback solenoid) it
sounds like the mogas slowly destroyed the engine. What do y'all think?


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland