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Re: REFLECTOR: Build Time

>    Anyone who's finished an RG Elite, I'm curious, what is a good guess
>at hours to complete one.

When I had 1500hrs in mine I was convinced that it would take me at most
500 more hrs to finish. Well, the total is now more like 3000 at least -
and I didn't do the wings. While this was my first project I don't think I
was particularely slow. In my first career I was a cabinet maker, so I know
how to work with tools.

The problem that most people miss is this: The kit you buy is not for an
airplane, but for an airframe. It takes about 1500 hrs to complete if you
work diligently. How much it takes to turn this into a flying machine
depends on how much of a A&P you are: wiring and installing the engine can
easily add another 1000 hrs. I was determined not to do any experiments - I
finally ended up being the first person in the world to put a MT prop on a
Franklin engine, it seems.

Then you want to do a nice finish inside and out...(500 hrs).

Then you start flying and you find all kinds of imperfections and gremlins
and you tweek and re-rig. FINISH a Velocity? You've got to be kidding!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland