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    Anyone who's finished an RG Elite, I'm curious, what is a good guess at hours to complete one. I've only been working 1 1/2 weeks so far but have already put in 75 hrs.. Bulkheads in, working on nose gear doors.. then nose gear and main gear. I'm having the wings built by Alan,, am just curious what the rest should take me reasonably.. Anyone want to gander a guess based on your own experience..? I plan to stick to the manual and use a Franklin 6 cylinder engine with the accessories franklin provides. I'm curious if I put in 50 hrs a week if I could expect to finish this thing in a year. What's the record for one person completing one of these anyway? Anyone know? I'm not compromising quality either.. 1000 hrs, 1500 hrs?
David Cowan
Std. RG Elite