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Re: REFLECTOR: AD (more)

On Sun, 17 Jan 1999, Bill & Terri Stockman wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> 	 I just got back in town and found the AD notice card in the mail.   I
> checked mine and the screws don't appear to be countersuck, such rounded
> head phillips screws, that stick up about 1/8 inch.   I presume they are
> the correct ones.  Sound right?
That sounds like the correct screws. However, when I talked to the 
factory on Friday I was told that everybody had the wrong screws, and so 
I would be careful. The correct screws are the same type as the screws 
that hold the ailerons.

After all of the things that were removed as I decribed earlier. It took, 
two people armed with a twelve inch screwdriver, a quarter inch nut driver,
two snake lights, an inspection mirror, a quarter inch end wrench, and a 
magnet to fish out dropped parts. Thus armed it only took a little over 
two hours and we only skinned two nuckels in the process.

Don Royer