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Re: REFLECTOR: AD (more)

In a message dated 1/16/99 3:11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time,
asterisk@erols.com writes:

> > I had to remove the
>  > canard, the forward top access plate on the keel (the one that Chris
>  > Brock referrs to), the elevator push tube, the stick, and the 
>  > pilot's side intercom lines. 
>  > With the above items removed and the nose gear retracted. it is then
>  > possible for two people to make the switch.
>  I believe you've just demonstrated why Simon did not inspect that bearing 
> when
>  he experienced slop in his elevators...

Since we are now adding access panels in various places, maybe a few of these
made from plexiglass or some other type of transparent material could
faciltate an easier inspection of critical areas. Once a hole is cut into the
keel, the removed part is no longer structural and it can be made of anything.

Seems to me that a flashlight and mirror will fit into an area that hands and
tools won't. I've always thought that if one wants to encourage things like
inspections, then it should be a easy as possible to perform these tasks. This
may be one easy solution (of many) to help us keep our birds safer.

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-wing