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REFLECTOR: Winglet Attachment

I am About to attach my winglets to the wings and I was Questioning the forward
point on the winglet the manual says that that point is the point witch is the convergence of the inboard and outboard cut  point at least that's the way I get it.
When I cut my wing let that point is about 1/2 wide so I took a square the the winglet on the flattest part on the out board side (from trailing edge to about 15 "
forward).and slid the square to the leading edge and marked that point where the
square touches the leading edge and used this as my forward most point.
Does this sound right . Any Response Please
The manual says that there should be 1/2 optimal trailing edge kick out.So this seams like the best way to find the forward point on the wing .
My Garage is only 26' deep so I have to check this a little different than the way 
manual says, I bolted the spar on to one wing and Attached a square to it then measured the trailing edge dimension and leading edge dimension set points on the
square.Wrote then down and did the same to the other wing. Then when I add the
numbers up I get an 3/8 trailing edge kick. This is ok Isn't It
Help thanks
Ron N34CV