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REFLECTOR: gear and keel layups

I have used a combonation of these procedures, and they work very well.  In
the gear area and layups in the keel, I laid up the work on plastic.  Once I
got it in place, I put  
peel ply on,  and then the plastic, then the clamping system. ( Peel ply and
clamping blocks are precut, and if necessary, I tape the plastic right to the
clamping blocks).   Inside the keel I forced a peice of heavy foam rubber into
the keel after the blocks to provide the presure on the layups to prevent
bubbles.  This worked very well for me and allowed me to do all the rear,
fixed gear, layups by myself.  

It would be nice if we could come up with a pub. that had all of our good
hints in it.  Much like the "RVaitor".  There is a wealth of information in
there, and it is available for purchase to RV people if they want it. If
someone tries this and makes big bucks,  I want $1.42 for the idea.  For now,
I have to go back to sanding.  :)  
Kurt Winker
173 FGE- 4.3L Chev.