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RE: REFLECTOR: Bulkhead Installation

>> I learned that doing multiple layer triax layup is a real gravity 
>> challenge.  We always wet-out the glass on plastic, so that all the 
>> were well connected and equally wet and well squeegeed (sp?).  Then 
>Doing just about any layup on plastic first is the way to go, and the 
>thicker/more complex the layup, the more useful it is. But, when 
>you have multi-ply triax layups that have to be vertical, I like the 
>idea of letting the layup gel a bit before placing it. (Low flow, but 
>still very tacky.) Leaving the plastic in place after the layup is put 
>place also slows drainage.
>In fact, though I never tried it, you could have peel ply as the first 
>layer on the plastic so it faces out when the plastic is removed. 
>Peel ply is great for protecting the glass surfaces from enviromental 
>contamination before more layers are added. 
>> The trick is to CLAMP EVERYTHING in place with good solid, stiff 
pieces of
>Be careful about clamping, as you can use too much pressure and 
>squeeze out too much epoxy.
>David Parrish
Agree with above, 1 pointer- I found that the THINNER the plastic , the 
better it worked.  I used the 1 or 2 (or 3) mil at first but found 
smaller is definately better.

Larry Epstein
173 FGE

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