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Just a couple of comments on these layups.  In my opinion, epoxy that drains
out by gravity (in any layup) is, in fact, excess epoxy.  In triax plys a
small amount of void between the fibers (giving the just a touch of "golden"
color) is not a problem.  The key is that all the fibers must be saturated,
but some space between does not weaken the layup, only make it lighter.  As
a more extreme example, think of a truss bridge; lots of space between the
beams but very strong.  So if you didn't squeegee it out before you put it
on, put the peel ply in place to soak it up.

I'd say the issue in clamping multiple plys is not that you'll squeeze out
too much epoxy, but that you may make the layup thinner, especially in
localized areas, by compressing the fibers together; and thinner is weaker
in the presence of any bending loads.

Happy building.

Al Gietzen RGE