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RE: REFLECTOR: Bulkhead Installation

From:           	"Schweitzer, Bill" <bill.schweitzer@compaq.com>

> I learned that doing multiple layer triax layup is a real gravity defying
> challenge.  We always wet-out the glass on plastic, so that all the plies
> were well connected and equally wet and well squeegeed (sp?).  Then we

Doing just about any layup on plastic first is the way to go, and the 
thicker/more complex the layup, the more useful it is. But, when 
you have multi-ply triax layups that have to be vertical, I like the 
idea of letting the layup gel a bit before placing it. (Low flow, but 
still very tacky.) Leaving the plastic in place after the layup is put in 
place also slows drainage.

In fact, though I never tried it, you could have peel ply as the first 
layer on the plastic so it faces out when the plastic is removed. 
Peel ply is great for protecting the glass surfaces from enviromental 
contamination before more layers are added. 

> The trick is to CLAMP EVERYTHING in place with good solid, stiff pieces of

Be careful about clamping, as you can use too much pressure and 
squeeze out too much epoxy.

David Parrish