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RE: REFLECTOR: Bulkhead Installation

I learned that doing multiple layer triax layup is a real gravity defying
challenge.  We always wet-out the glass on plastic, so that all the plies
were well connected and equally wet and well squeegeed (sp?).  Then we
transferred the whole mat to the bulkhead.
The trick is to CLAMP EVERYTHING in place with good solid, stiff pieces of
1/2" plywood which are cut to the correct shape for each segment of the
curving bulkhead.  The big 6" spring clamps work well for this application.

If this is a three or four ply layup the edge should be tapered by making
each ply slightly larger as you get close to the bulkhead. Remember to
peel-ply the edges.
When it cures everything is tight with almost perfect edges.  It will take a
little sanding and/or microglass to finish all of the edges.  There were a
few places where pure epoxy needed to be syringed into a gap.  

Bill Schweitzer
San Jose. CA
std RGE

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>     It is nice to hear that someone else had the same problem with gravity
> pulling epoxy out of the MG Bulkhead the air in my bulkhead is just a
> couple
> of 1 to 2 inch lines about like yours probably. I don't think its any
> cause
> for concern but will have it inspected anyway..
> Thanks for the help.
> David