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REFLECTOR: Re: Bulkhead Installation- dry spots

David- it sounds like epoxy has drained from the layups in those areas.
During cure the resin first thickens and then thins before finally setting.
Triax is not tightly woven so there are large spaces within the fabric which
the resin must bridge. Usually in the middle of the night it drains out and
forms puddles at the bottom of the layup which need to be removed and
corresponding air pockets which need to be evaluated. The size of the puddle
will give some indication of the volume of the air pockets.
  I had some luck in putting Saran wrap over the layups and rolling with a
wallpaper roller to work air out. Then I would check on it periodically and
add new resin at the top of the layup, trying to keep it sealed until it
set. I think a bead of microglass slurry at the top of the layup would help
to seal it. I have a few such voids in my MG layups but they are small and
scattered- individual strands rather than an area. I agree with David
Doshay- have someone with experience take a look. I think you are right in
striving to keep it saturated- I view Triax as an exception to the 50/50
rule.    -Bill

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