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Re: REFLECTOR: Bulkhead Installation

>Don't forget to used 7 1/2" spacers made out of plywood to maintain the
>proper spacing between the gear and engine bulkheads at the gear leg
>pivot points. Also one at the center in case the gear bulkhead is warped
>at the center. I would finish the engine bulkhead first, then do the
>gear bulkhead.
>Carl Hoffman SRGE N1QR

    That's basically what i'd invisioned doing to make sure the two are
and properly spaced.. You said 7 1/2"?? The manual says at least 7 1/4".. I
this to mean 7 1/4.. Do some people go 7 1/2? That would put me all the way
on the
foam and make things somewhat simpler. As it is I'm right on the joint of
foam. But
I had planned to use 3 pieces of foam or wood to space the MG BH at perfect
and parallel. Perhaps 5 min on foam blocks to help hold it while I bondo it
in place.

    Also, I'm curious, since you're building the same plane.. The template
the factory
sent me only has a 2 1/4 inch tall top vertical piece in the MG bulkhead.. I
went ahead
and assumed that was the way they wanted it, layed it up, now I'm 3/4" shy
of the top of
the flange.. Is that really that big of a deal? Also, when I layed it up (MG
BH), about 2 hrs
later I noticed some linear dry spots in the top layer in the bend part of
the BH. Should
I trash the hole thing and start over? Or is that not a major problem..
Otherwise the layup
is extra wet if anything. I wanted to be sure nothing unravelled. My
fuselage has plenty
of the same thing in its triax. (the linear dry spots..) Considering all the
other reinforcements
in this area of the plane I'd planned on just going ahead and using it..
But I'd like to know
if that's acceptable.

Thanks for the help,,

David Cowan