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Re: REFLECTOR: Bulkhead Installation

Dave Black wrote:
> David,
> >     Do most people do the finger Micro Joint and the Glass Tape
> > layup seperately or together at the same time?
> > I've just used structural adhesive to hold the firewall in place.. A
> > few dobs here and there..
> I don't know about most people. I did it via a method similar to yours. Use a
> fast-setting adhesive to hold the bulkhead exactly in place. Once that
> adhesive has set, go to work on the finger-joint and the fiberglass layups.
> This way you do not need to worry that anything will shift while the glass is
> setting.
> > Also, should I use micro made with Velocipoxy or the standard stuff
> I'd use the standard stuff unless someone can provide a good reason otherwise.
> >     I've also noticed getting the Main Gear bulkhead in is a pain..
> > It sits right behind the foam line and then rolls forward
> > onto the foam line..(RG version)  It's required some sanding thusfar
> > to get it not to bind.. It'll take alot of micro in its
> > joint for sure!
> Get used to it. Nothing will fit perfectly until you sand it to fit. Use micro
> as required to fill any holes. Sounds like you're catching on!
> Dave Black
> SW RG TopDoor

Don't forget to used 7 1/2" spacers made out of plywood to maintain the
proper spacing between the gear and engine bulkheads at the gear leg
pivot points. Also one at the center in case the gear bulkhead is warped
at the center. I would finish the engine bulkhead first, then do the
gear bulkhead.

Carl Hoffman SRGE N1QR