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Re: REFLECTOR: Brake line

In a message dated 1/12/99 7:31:55 AM Pacific Standard Time,
deann@calendarclub.com writes:

> Should brake lines be ran in the same duct as the oil lines?  What 
>  about heat? And would cooling the oil line duct with fresh air help 
>  cool the lines.

If your oil lines get hot enough to bother brake fluid, I hope your watching
the conflagration from a safe distance. Dot 4 brake fluid has a boiling point
of about 450 F if I'm not mistaken. I also seem to remember that 1% water in
brake fluid lowers that to 350F.

Cooling the ducts may help oil temps, but most Velocity owners have been able
to get oil temps under control without this amount of work. I don't think I
would like to see what the inside of the duct would look like after a few
years of air flow with its attendent debris. Of course, duct filters could be
added but that is beginning to approach the ridiculous. 

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing