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Re: REFLECTOR: duct installation

Jerry Brainard wrote:

> In considering a water cooled engine solution for the XL, I
> have been thinking about the cooling problem.  I have seen
> examples of counter-flow cooling that are very efficient.

Counter-flow?   Sounds like something interesting to learn about.

Don't we need electric fans to cool on the ground?

Doesn't the coolant pressure effect the heat exchange?

Don't thick cores work very well at high velocities?

In theory at 200 mph we should get lots of cooling right?  In practice most cooling (water or air) installations I have seen
don't work properly at high speeds because the air piles up way out in front of the intake scoop and goes around it.  In
pushers this turbulence is also a prop efficiency problem.
I only know this from what I have seen funnels do in high speed wind tunnels.  They work best with the small end into the
wind.   Maybe some yarn on the plane near our intake scoops could tell us something from another airplane close underneath.

What good is the "correct" size radiator if not much air is going through it?