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Re: REFLECTOR: duct installation

The first thing that I would need to know David is the dia. of the tubing you
are planning on using. Std. radiator hose in a car (if there is such a thing)
is usually 1 1/4 to 1 /1/2. I would seem to me that you would have to oblong
tubing that size to get it to fit inside the duct.

Would you consider installing a metal tube (conduit)permanantly and sliding
thick wall reinforced tubing inside of that? In the event of a leak your hot
water would flow forward and/or aft of the canard bulkhead/firewall. Tube
replacement would be a snap...just slide out the old tube and insert the new

Again...required diameter is the first determining factor as to your available

Having 4 years experience on P-51 mustangs I have 1st hand knowledge of what
electrolysis built-up in glycerol (antifreeze) can do to aluminum and copper
tubing.  A high pressured, steaming hot leak is something that would not go
well with any other items included in your duct work if not protected.......

Leaks, even minor ones, in an aircraft liquid coolant system is not a matter
of if....it is a matter of when it happens. Your design and techniques used
will determine the level of protection needed by other aircraft systems that
may be adversely impacted by hot steamy fluids under pressure should they
become present.

Possibly and separate duct placed above the factory duct might be an

Safe and Speedy Construction


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