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I peel-ply in places where another lay up is to be done after curing.
However, one reservation I have about peel-plying everything where you
don't have to is that visual inspection for delamination/air bubbles is
easier without the peel-ply both before and after taking off the peel-ply
especially with hardener that has become dark and in layups where you
cannot shine a light through. I am paranoid enough to feel that I may be
hiding mistakes behind that nice peel-ply finish. Your mileage may vary.


At 10:39 PM 1/10/99 -0500, Dave Black wrote:
>lawrence epstein wrote:
>> I Peel Ply Everything, Makes it easier later
>Absolutely. Smoother layups, lighter weight, and many fewer "meat hooks" to
>tear apart your flesh. 
>Dave Black
>SW RG TopDoor