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It shouldn't matter at all from a safety or durability point of view. It
should be easier to squeeze the excess epoxy off without introducing air
bubbles if the main axis ridges are facing out. I don't think there is
anything to worry about here.


At 01:45 PM 1/10/99 -0600, Benjamin David Cowan wrote:
>    Well I just skinned the front of the firewall with major axis facing
>it.. It was my understanding that that was the way to do it.. I've heard it
>both ways thusfar.. Hopefully its not that big if a deal.. According to some
>it doesn't even matter.. I could swear Alan understood that that is what I
>was doing.. I mean I said, "I'm about to skin my bulkheads..."  Maybe he
>misunderstood me though..
>    In any case.. It's done..
>David Cowan
>Std RGE