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Carl Hoffman wrote:

> > Benjamin David Cowan wrote:
> >
> >   Does the major axis side of the triax need to be facing the
> > bulkheads??

Yes, because it takes the bend better that way.  If you ask the thick uni to
make the sharper inside part of the bend it is not only harder to make it
stay put, the fibers will bend sideways making the structure a little
weaker.If you do it the other way it is no big deal though because these
areas are over built and resin rich.  Wear long dish gloves and leave plenty
of time to keep coming back and pushing it back in the corners as it starts
to gel.
Have fun :) gooping David!

> I assume from what I see on the fusalage that this is how
> > it is done.. Just wanted to make sure.. I'm about to skin my
> > bulkheads..
> >
> > David Cowan
> >
> > Std. RG Elite
> >
> I don't think it makes any difference which way it faces. I believe it
> looks neater to see the major axis (rougher?) side facing away from the
> plywood.
> Carl Hoffman SRGE N1QR