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RE: REFLECTOR: Torque tube bearings

> From: owner-reflector@awpi.com [mailto:owner-reflector@awpi.com]On
> Behalf Of Al Gietzen
> Subject: REFLECTOR: Torque tube bearings
> In case it matters to someone; unless your plane is different
> than mine, the bellcrank tube simply slips through the rear
> bearing and into the torque tube and has no means for limiting
> excessive forward movement of the torque tube; until the
> bellcrank hits the bearing. The manual specifies about 5/8"
> clearance from bellcrank to bearing.

You're right; the bellcrank at the rear only limits travel of the torque
tube if the front bearing comes out of the bracket on the forward side. Slop
is prevented because the bearing rides on the steel insert inside the
aluminum torque tube, and the aluminum tube itself fits against the aft side
of the bearing.

So, there is forward axial load on the front bearing, but only with forward
stick pressure. And, usually, we don't push forward too hard (outside loop,

I just removed my front bracket from inside the keel, and pressed the
bearing out - it's an interference fit in the bracket. Perhaps Simon's was
made a little loose, or maybe somebody pulled really, really hard once on
the stick at speed...

I'm reassembling mine with the bearing reversed, and I'll try to remember to
keep looking at it when I finally get flying. Unless, of course, a real fix
comes out before then.

 - Chuck