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When I received  my plane I got parts for both the top and gull  wing
doors.   I have no idea what I should have or not have as I didn't get a
parts list,  made one up and sent it  to
velocity,   and  asked am I missing anything never heard back.   I got
two front bearings supports  both have have large headed screws, one is
put with the flange forward and the other back.  By chance I put the one
with the flange forward.  The one in the aileron plate has two conunter
sunk screws,  I am going to put a recessed plate over both the front and
back.    When I orginally put the front bearing  in I had put a waser
under one of the screws because it didn't   cover the flange properly.
Should have been more aware. 

 Also, I have another problem is that the torque tube  where it pass
through the middle bracket where the bronze bushing is the torque tube
will raise up when I pull up on the stick, of course its impossibe to
get to the bronze bushing  without cutting someting.  I also got two
torque tubes for different models
 Keep pounding and it will get done!!!!

marion sparrow