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Re: REFLECTOR: Torque tube bearings

In a message dated 1/8/99 12:14:58 PM Pacific Standard Time, Jim_Agnew@IBM.NET

<<  I can assure you that he had the same
 bearing and mount that I have.  The bearing flange was on the back and was
held by
 two countersunk screw heads. >>

I understand that Simon's is on the back, as I saw it for myself.  I have a
STG-RG, that was one of the originals.  It was a modification of the original
FG. (No keel.)  I was noting that mine is installed from the front, and as a
matter of fact, the whole front support for the torque tube is different on
mine than yours.  Allen stated earlier that Dan designed the assembly, but
that is not true.  Dan did design the assembly used on the STD-FG/RG, but in
the course of changes somewhere, (elite maybe) it was changed.

As far a the assembly that Simon had, I would like to see the bearing assembly
attached to BOTH sides of the counsel.  This could be done easily by using a
1/8" X 2" strip (with the bearing properly installed and retained) that spans
the inside with of the consoul.  Then two short pieces of  1" X  angle on each
end to attach the bearing strip to each side of the consoul.