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Re: REFLECTOR: Torque tube bearings

In a message dated 1/8/99 10:04:12 AM Pacific Standard Time,
alventures@email.msn.com writes:

<<  I could not see the back of the bracket,
 but one had to conclude that the bearing had gotten past the screw heads in
 some manner. >>

When I looked at Simon's A/C with Al, I was able to reach in and feel the
bearing flange with a finger.  However I couldn't see the flange.  I was
feeling for any sign of the flange popping out from under the counter sunk
screw heads.  While turning the bearing, I could not feel any nicks around the
edge of flange.  The counter sunk head screws used in Simons and others should
at lease be large head screws.  My STG-RG, uses the large head screws as used
in attaching the elevators to the canard, along with the bearing installed
from the front.