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REFLECTOR: Torque tube bearings

Chuck said:

"......(Stick forward axial load is taken up by the bearing and sleeve on
the aft end of the aileron torque tube. That bearing is mounted properly,
with the flange on the aft side of the big rear bracket.)......"

In case it matters to someone; unless your plane is different than mine, the
bellcrank tube simply slips through the rear bearing and into the torque
tube and has no means for limiting excessive forward movement of the torque
tube; until the bellcrank hits the bearing. The manual specifies about 5/8"
clearance from bellcrank to bearing.

BTW, since some late postings still seemed unclear I'll repeat; my
examination of Simon's case showed that the bearing support bracket did not
fail, bearing itself did not fail, the bolts (screws and nuts) that were to
hold the bearing were still tightly into the bracket.  The bearing was out
of the bracket toward the rear.  I could not see the back of the bracket,
but one had to conclude that the bearing had gotten past the screw heads in
some manner.

Al Gietzen