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Re: REFLECTOR: front control bearing

Chuck Caldarale wrote:

> What has really changed is the way the front bearing is inserted. (I have an
> Elite upgrade, so I have both brackets and manuals available to look at.)
> The original, Dan Maher bracket has the bearing inserted from the front face
> of the bracket. The axial load generated by pulling back on the stick is
> taken up by the flange of the bearing pressing against the bracket.

  Thank you Chuck.  I confess to never having built an Elite or XL.  I thought
the torque tube was just longer.  Sometime slight changes "seem" harmless.
The biggest problem with putting engineering into practice is "un-anticipated
loads" .  If I'm not mistaken the "Electras" claimed a total of 300 people
before they realized the engine mounts needed side brackets to bear lateral
loads.  In turbulance the up and down movement of the large props translated
into gyroscopic loads 90 degrees to the movement breaking all four engines off.

Beware of Murfy's law.