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REFLECTOR: Re: [c-a] Lightning strike


> I had a bolt of lightning hit my plane while it was on the ramp.  Do
> glass airplanes have a greater chance of being hit by lightning or is
> this just bad luck?  

I am not an expert on this, but this is what I believe to be true:

1) Glass planes are NO MORE attractive to lightning than metal ones.

2) Lightning strikes on glass planes causes MUCH MORE damage than to a metal
one. Typical damage is an explosion of the fiberglass in the area of the
strike. Equivalent damage to a spam can would be a small hole. 

As far as parking outside, the odds are you will not be hit again any time
soon. To improve those odds, I guess you could install 10-foot tall lightning
rods in the ground next to each winglet. 

Dave Black
Velocity RG