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RE: REFLECTOR: front control bearing

At 06:24 PM 1/7/99 Chuck Calderale wrote:

>The original, Dan Maher bracket has the bearing inserted from the front face
>of the bracket. The axial load generated by pulling back on the stick is
>taken up by the flange of the bearing pressing against the bracket. The
>screws perform no real function other than to keep the bearing from falling
>out while installing the torque tube.

I was doing inst. panel work today and looked at my bearing (STD RG..DMO 231).
Mine is also as mentioned above. The bell crank at the rear where aileron
cables hook up prevents my torque tube from traveling forward, and the bolt
inserted thru the tube forward of the front bearing prevents rearward
travel. I could only envision the bearing brackets themselves tearing loose
in order to allow tube movement with this set up.

I think Alan mentioned this happened, however, with his flutter incident.