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RE: REFLECTOR: front control bearing

> From: owner-reflector@awpi.com [mailto:owner-reflector@awpi.com]On
> Behalf Of Alan Shaw
> Subject: REFLECTOR: front control bearing
> The front bearing, its attachment and it's bracket was designed by Dan.
> This came with the company the Swings purchased and has never failed,
> under normal conditions, in almost 14 years now.  It has seemed wise
> that if it is not broken don't fix it.  This has now changed.

What has really changed is the way the front bearing is inserted. (I have an
Elite upgrade, so I have both brackets and manuals available to look at.)

The original, Dan Maher bracket has the bearing inserted from the front face
of the bracket. The axial load generated by pulling back on the stick is
taken up by the flange of the bearing pressing against the bracket. The
screws perform no real function other than to keep the bearing from falling
out while installing the torque tube.

The Elite version has the bearing inserted from the rear, so the screws are
taking on the axial load when the stick is pulled back, which I'm sure Dan
never intended to happen. (Stick forward axial load is taken up by the
bearing and sleeve on the aft end of the aileron torque tube. That bearing
is mounted properly, with the flange on the aft side of the big rear

Brian's picture supposedly shows the Elite version; however, if you look
closely, the bearing flange is visible on the front side of the bracket and
the mounting tab is to the rear. In the actual Elite part, as shipped from
the factory, the bracket is reversed (mounting tab forward) and the bearing
goes in from the back.

This appears to be an Elite-only problem, and fairly easily rectified by
reversing the bearing and adding a washer or two to take up the resulting

 - Chuck