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Re: REFLECTOR: duct installation

I am sure that Bill did not mean to suggest that the duct not
be glassed in place. What Bill did was to cut off enough of
the ducts to mount under the bulkheads, with enough more
sticking out to supply a surface for glassing the rest of the
duct to at a later time. After I had the two ends in place under
the bulkheads, the remaining piece of duct is just the length
from the canard to the landing gear bulkhead.

This allows one to avoid having to snake all those wires,
cables, tubes, etc., through a long thin duct. Rather, there are
two short tubes at either end, with the middle 'missing' until
later in the construction. When all the stuff which goes into
the ducts is in place, the duct are then glassed.

I decided to do this also because I will be using a water
cooled engine and plan to put the radiator in the nose. I
did not want to be trying to thread the large copper pipes the
length of the plane. Bill built a nice jig for bending the oil
cooler pipe to fit the curve of the ducting. After bending, the
oil (or in my case water) lines can easily be put in place from
the middle by sliding one end in enough for the other end to
clear, and then centering.