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Re: REFLECTOR: front control bearing

Sam DaSilva and I inspected the bearing mount yesterday and came to the conclusion
that a retaining plate over the back side of the bearing with a hole slightly
larger than the torque tube would solve the problem.  The two existing AN-3 bolts
would be changed to standard flat head ones and would be more than adequate.  We
also discussed this with Simon using my plane since this bearing is clearly
visible.  Although there is no axial load on the bearings for the aileron torque
tubes I'm tempted to also put captive retaining plates on them.  I will look at
the rear bearing on the stick torque tube to see if it should also get the
retaining plate.

At this point I'm thinking that 1/8" 6061-T6 aluminum would be adequate but I have
not ruled out thinner steel since these plates are nothing but large washers for
all intents and purposes.


CHUCK173RG@aol.com wrote:

> Chuck,
> I had the opportunity to inspect Simon's airplane along with a number of other
> EZ-Squadron members. After much discussion, I agree with you and would reverse
> the recommended position for that bearing. Another fix would be to replace
> holding the bearing in place with the heads of two screws (limited surface and
> holding ability) and make a pressure fit plate or even insert washers to
> extend the surface contact. If both those actions were taken, I believe the
> risk of the bearing slipping from the bracket would be eliminated.
> Chuck Lehrer

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