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Re: REFLECTOR: duct installation

Bill & Simon,

> >>Cut the duct into pieces by building 2" flanges at the cut points, the
> overlapping parts of the flange stay on the long pieces so you can just lay
> them on later.<<
> if you mean this the way I understand it, I would recommend: don't!
> The duct as a structural element adds a lot of stiffness and stability to the
> hull (unfortunately, this is the voice of experience). Secondly, you want the
> inside of the duct to be as slick as an ice rink. Wou are going to shove untold
> numbers of wires, lines and cables through these ducts and they have ample
> opportunity to get caught among themselves. No need to make more catching
> points.

I fully agree with Simon.

While I installed the ducts as the very first element of my kit construction,
I would recommend they be delayed until the bulkheads were installed, seat and
door locations were identified. But I can see absolutely no reason to cut the
ducts. I envision cutting the "mouse holes" for the ducts and simply sliding
the ducts into position. Although I do not recall the Manual mentioning it, it
is obvious the ducts provide rigidity to the fuselage. 

Dave Black,
SW RG TopDoor