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Re: REFLECTOR: Re:The bearing


I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful explanations. 

> It fixed the symptoms but as we both didn't realize at the time it didn't take
> care of the problem. Whether I would have seen the displaced bearing is hard to
> say. I have to answer by the negative: it was impossible to see without the
> canard off.
> Which brings up a related thought: Human nature being the way it is, there is a
> relationship between the apparent seriousness of a problem and the amount of
> work one is prepared to take up to fix it. In other words, you wouln't take off
> the canard to fix a minor nuisance. Simply taking off a "Really Big Hatch"
> however, is no stopper. So, the RBH may be a safety positive item.

Of course you and Scott never understood the potential seriousness of the
elevator slop you felt, or you would have immediately removed the canard to
verify all was OK. Removing the canard is too much work to consider for
anything less than very good cause. But you hit the nail right on the head
about the Really Big Hatch. Since the RBH could be opened quickly, it's much
more likely you would have opened it. 

Before installing the RBH on my Velocity, I observed how frequently Wim
Huisman needed to remove his canard, and how much work that always entailed.
But it concerned me even more that essential flight items such as lift bolts,
anti-torque bolts, control linkages, and trim wiring had to be disassembled
just to look into the nose. While this removal process is tedious work on an
Elite, it's close to impossible on a TopDoor. Especially for a chubby person
like myself. 

You and others who have already built the standard canard "bridge" and who
don't want to retrofit the full-blown RBH may wish to try this alternative:
About 2" above the canard, cut the "bridge" completely fore to aft on each
side. This will allow you to remove a smaller version of the RBH. Like the
RBH, the Medium Hatch will allow you quick access to the nose, plus EASIER
removal and reinstallation of the canard on those occasions when canard
removal truly IS necessary. 

I wish you speedy repairs.