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REFLECTOR: Front torque tube bearing

I sent this earlier; unfortunately it went only to Chuck Calderale.  And
Chuck, I wasn't thinking of a specific, single simple solution, there are
more than one (washers and flat head screws, collar, whatever.

Just to help clarify this case, the bearing is held into the back of bracket
by the heads of two screws; which are held in place by nuts on the front of
the bracket.  In Simon's case, the bracket was still tightly in place, and
both screws and nuts were in place as visible from the front.  The bearing
was out of the bracket toward the rear.

I could not see the back of the bracket, so could not determine the nature
of the failure.

As I see it, the bearing was held by some part of the screw head being in
contact with the outer bearing race.  With the loading moment put into the
screw shaft, and the asymetrical loading of the head, one can envision that
just torquing the screws too much could seriously stress them, so there is
undoubtedly a better way.  And since there are still a statistically small
number of our airplanes flying, the fact that it hasn't happened before
doesn't really say much.

So, having now probably said too much; Velocity is aware of the problem, the
fix is (should be) a relatively simple one, and I'm confident we will
hearing from them regarding this issue.
Al Gietzen