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Re: REFLECTOR: front control bearing

In a message dated 1/6/99 9:06:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, CHUCK173RG@aol.com

> I had the opportunity to inspect Simon's airplane along with a number of 
> other
>  EZ-Squadron members. After much discussion, I agree with you and would 
> reverse
>  the recommended position for that bearing. Another fix would be to replace
>  holding the bearing in place with the heads of two screws (limited surface 
> and
>  holding ability) and make a pressure fit plate or even insert washers to
>  extend the surface contact. If both those actions were taken, I believe the
>  risk of the bearing slipping from the bracket would be eliminated.
>  Chuck Lehrer

If this bearing is the one I'm thinking of, both David Doshey and I winched
when we saw how it was held in with two countersunk screws by using the heads
of the fastener. It pulls the bolt out of true, doesn't supply a great deal of
capture and looks shoddy, even if it has worked for 14 years. We both have
plans to toss a piece of aluminum on a lathe and make a proper piece to hold
this bearing and several others as well.

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-wing.