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REFLECTOR: The bearing


>>The front bearing, its attachment and it's bracket was designed by Dan.
This came with the company the Swings purchased and has never failed,
under normal conditions, in almost 14 years now.  It has seemed wise
that if it is not broken don't fix it.<<

No need to be defensive, Allan. I'm not accusing anybody. If I were getting
aggressive it were only if a demonstrated flaw was hidden for the sake of a
false sense of safety appearance. The way Scott talked to me today sounded
totally open and honest.

>>It can be very difficult to diagnose and fix an airplane over the phone
that one did not build.<<

Agreed. Again, I'm not accusing anybody. When I said I talked to Scott, it was
just to say that I didn't think I had it all under wraps on my own.

Your final remarks are right out of the bottom of my heart. My first contact
with the FAA seemed to confirm the worst rumors (just paperwork). When the
possibility of a failure poped up they were like turned inside out. Interested
in facts, technical details, diffusion of information. Just like it ought to
be. They need our help - and we can use theirs. But above all we builders need
to care for all our fellow builders. In that sense: see my next message.

Thanks for your caring thoughts.