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REFLECTOR: Re:The bearing

Bave Black wrote:

>>The bearing which became
dislodged -- was that located in the keel just below the instrument panel?<<


>>Also, can you be more specific as to the location of the bolt which prevented
further sliding of the aileron torque tube?<<

The tube goes through the bearing and sticks out of it forward about 1" or a
little more. A sleeve of that length is slid over it and a #3 bolt goes through
the sleeve and the end of the tube.

>>Did the temporary fix Scott
suggested hide the real problem? Would you have seen the displaced bearing if
you had removed the canard in Tucson?<<

It fixed the symptoms but as we both didn't realize at the time it didn't take
care of the problem. Whether I would have seen the displaced bearing is hard to
say. I have to answer by the negative: it was impossible to see without the
canard off.

Which brings up a related thought: Human nature being the way it is, there is a
relationship between the apparent seriousness of a problem and the amount of
work one is prepared to take up to fix it. In other words, you wouln't take off
the canard to fix a minor nuisance. Simply taking off a "Really Big Hatch"
however, is no stopper. So, the RBH may be a safety positive item.