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Re: REFLECTOR: Empty Weight

Dennis Martin wrote:

> Alan Shaw wrote:
> >I like my Velocities a little aft CG.   They perform better and unless you
> >really force buck it it will never deep stall.
> Please explain "force buck" a little better for us novice flyers who have
> only stalled a spam can.
> Dennis Martin,

In order to deep stall a Velocity you have to build it wrong, load it wrong and
fly it wrong.  Forcing it to buck is refering to making it buck worst that it
does natually ie...PIO's....pilot induced ocillations.The problem with a
Velocity that is built aft CG is that if an unexperienced canard pilot (like
most of us when we finish our first one) is that is easy to get "behind the
airplane" ...be out of sinc and make things worse.    PIO's are not uncommon to
even experienced pilots who are flying an unfamilar configuration.  This is why
you should not use bathroom scales to do your weight and balance.   Plus use
plenty of ballast and runway for early flights.