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REFLECTOR: Order of build, Fuselage Leveling, GO VOLS !!!

for the hydraulic system follow this basic plan. keel w/ hard points installed
and nose gear fitted and keel clecoed. then you can see any obstructions
behind the canard bulkhead to get the hydraulics in properly. complete keel
inner controls, stiffening layups, then complete nose gear section. on
leveling the fuselage, scott swing gave me a great thought early on... first
and foremost level the points where your wheels and sawhorses are in the
garage. i.e. make sure front wheel location is level to each rear wheel, etc.
use a long straight edge for this and build small platforms for each wheel
that is not level, then it's easy to get the rest accurate, don't forget the
water level. chris brock, knoxville, tn. xl-rg