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RE: REFLECTOR: Order of build..

Benjamin, welcome to the club.

I've been watching the responses to your question.  Everyone is right, get
the firewall and landing gear (LG) bulkhead in first.  I found it very
beneficial to delay putting in the ducts until very late in the project.  To
that end I cut it into parts and only installed small pieces under the
bulkheads.  The long piece stayed out until I was ready to join the

Cut the duct into pieces by building 2" flanges at the cut points, the
overlapping parts of the flange stay on the long pieces so you can just lay
them on later.

Cut about 4" of the duct for under the canard bulkhead, a 4" piece under the
whale tail (keel), and a piece to go under the firewall and LG bulkhead.
These go in with the corresponding bulkheads.  You can then put brake lines
(I used AL tube), oil lines etc. into place without blindly snaking them
through the duct.

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca

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> From:	Benjamin David Cowan [SMTP:bdcowan@telepath.com]
> Sent:	Sunday, January 03, 1999 10:03 AM
> Subject:	REFLECTOR: Order of build..
>     Anyone have any advice on order of building a SW RGE?   I.e.. when do
> I install the canard bulkhead.. ?
> The pictures in the manual show the canard bulkhead in with the brake
> master cylinders in view while working on
> the nose gear. I was thinking of doing the bulk of the nose gear doors and
> fitting the nose gear.. Then clecoing keel to
> nose gear to floor.. Then putting in canard bulkhead while still doing
> keel work.. then moving to main gear work. I just don't
> want to glass anything in to early..
> B. David Cowan