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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuselage Leveling

Bill, You mentioned:
>  Digital levels may be convenient but they are not very accurate. A good
>bubble level is accurate to .029 degrees. Try lifting one end of a bubble
>level and see how much height you get before you notice the bubble is off
>center. Then lift a digital. I found a digital would shift 1/8" or so before
>it gave an indication, which I thought was excessive.

That is "excessive"!! Maybe you might better look at a different brand than
the defective unit you mention. I bought a German "Stabila" brand unit and
I defy anybody to lift either end ANY distance without a corresponding
change in readout - it IS accurate to 0.1. There is absolutely no way I am
going to get this accuracy out of a bubble only unit (the Stabila unit has
a more accurate bubble in it than most as well).

Duane says we probably can't justify the expense of digital units but
building an aircraft is as fine an excuse as anything to justify the
purchase of such wonderful gizmos!!


Greg Poole (Building a Std RG Elite Velocity - "down under")