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Re: REFLECTOR: Order of build..


>     Anyone have any advice on order of building a SW RGE?   I.e..
> when do I install the canard bulkhead.. ?

While the Canard Bulkhead may restrict your access to the nose area slightly,
it will help stabilize the shape of the fuselage. It's also an attach point
for the Keel and Nose Gear. I'd suggest installing it immediately. Beware that
virtually everyone winds up installing the Canard Bulkhead at a slight angle
(because the fuselage mold is asymmetrical). Upon realizing their "error,"
most builders install a shim at the port Lift Tab. 

I'd also install the firewall immediately, followed by gear bulkhead and Keel.
All of these items contribute to shape stability and provide measuring points
for further work. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor